Is there a limit to how many codes I can make?

There is no limit to how many codes you can create with Bulk Discount Code Generator, but there are several best practices to keep in mind and avoid time-consuming issues.

  • Each Shopify shop has a 20,000,000 total discount code limit, including all codes that have a status of Active, Scheduled, and Expired.
  • Be sure your code length setting has enough values for the requested number of unique codes, i.e., you cannot generate 10,000 unique codes if the code length is only one digit.
  • While there is no limit on how many codes Bulk Discount Code Generator can include in a set, we recommend limiting any sets you plan to export from Shopify to 100,000 codes. If you need to export more than 100,000 codes, we recommend generating multiple discounts using the same configuration.


In the situation where you want to keep all of the discount codes within one set, you may also generate the multiple code sets for one discount and use different prefixes for each set of 100,000. With this prefix, you may then apply a filter when exporting codes in your Shopify Discount section.

Exporting more than 100,000 codes at a time from Shopify often results in silent export errors. If you choose to export more than 100,000 codes and run into this issue, reach out to Shopify Support or try your breaking your export into smaller batches.

To learn more about exporting Discounts through Shopify, review the help document here.

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