How can I set my discount to work for specific product variants?

In some instances, you may want to offer a discount code for a specific variant of a product - such as a clearance size or color. For these discounts, we'll start by creating the discount set in Bulk Discount Code Generator for the parent product and then update the price rules in your Shopify admin to restrict the code to the specific variants.

Start by creating your discount set in Bulk Discount Code Generator.

When the discount set has updated from Queued to Imported, the discount rules will be available to update in your Shopify Discounts. Use the shortcut from the Bulk Discount Code Generator dashboard or navigate to the Discounts panel through your Shopify Admin.


While your discount set is in Queued status, it will not be visible in your Shopify Discounts section. An estimate for how long it will take to generate the codes is shown in the discount set summary in Bulk Discount Code Generator.

From the discount overview, you may update the configuration for this new discount set. Navigate to the product picker and update your selection to the specific variant. Make sure to save your update!

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