Types of Automations

There are three main types of Automations based on the type of actions that trigger the automation or series.

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Subscriber Activity

Subscriber activity automation rely on the contact signing up or having a unique discount code assigned by another automation and expiring soon.

Coming soon

This triggered message is used for stores that are in pre-launch, password protected mode and is triggered immediately when a new subscriber submits the newsletter form. Message content should confirm subscription status and focus on building excitement by sharing a sneak peek of your site, products and expected launch timelines. When using the Coming soon automation, you should still send Newsletters to your subscribers with updates about your launch and an announcement for your shop's grand opening.


This automation is used for all stores with a live storefront and triggers immediately after a contact becomes a subscriber the first time. With one of the highest ROIs of any email, this is a best practices for all shops. Your Welcome message content should introduce your brand values, set expectations for your email marketing messages and thank them for subscribing, highlight best sellers with call to action, and link to your social channels. You can also include any awesome testimonials from your customers, but don't let your message become too large overall. If you're not sure about offering a discount as an incentive to signing up, consider your overall discount strategy, your marketing cost to bring new shoppers to your site, and how much it would be worth to hold onto that shopper and get at least one conversion from them.

Discount Reminder

The Discount Reminder is only used if you are sending Discount codes with an end date or using Seguno-automated expiration. The Reminder email will trigger 2 days before expiration an include the specific discount code with the terms and conditions. This message should focus on stronger call-to-actions and best sellers from different Collections to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions.


This automation will only send reminders about discount codes that were issued through Seguno emails.

Commerce Activity

Abandoned Checkout

We've all been there - ready to checkout but not quite sure where we left our credit card or interrupted by life. The Abandoned Checkout automation can help by providing an easy check-out link to capitalize on your subscribers interest before. The message contains the cart contents with easy call-to-actions and typically has the top conversion rate of any automated email. Message content should focus on offering assistance if the shopper had any issues with determining the perfect product or a problems while checking out and then highlighting the cart contents with clear options to check out. Your abandoned checkout may offer a generic or unique discount code for all shoppers or only for first-time purchasers. Timing for your abandoned checkout message is important - you don't want to send the message while they're still shopping - especially if you're going to include a discount - but striking while their interest is still high will help with conversions. For your timing, consider how long a typical shopper is on your site and if there are any other considerations such as sizing or pricing that might extend the buying process.

New Purchaser

Finally the advertising and marketing efforts pay off - you've converted one your subscribers into a purchaser! The New Purchaser automation builds loyalty by expressing appreciation for the shopper and helping them understand what to expect next. Message content should celebrate and thank them for buying, while providing contact options if they have any issues with their order. Be sure to include a Social Follow section and encourage them to engage with you in that channel when their order arrives.

Repeat Purchaser

For most shops, the core of your business will come from a group of loyal shoppers who make repeat purchases. The Repeat Purchaser automation can help build that loyalty by letting shoppers who make a second purchase know that they're an MVP for your shop. Message content should continue to express gratitude and work to turn those purchasers into active promoters of your brand.

Review Request

Product Reviews are essential to building confidence in prospective purchasers. Regardless of the product review application you choose to use with Seguno, let Seguno help to solicit more reviews by sending them a message encouraging a review at the perfect time. The automation timing should be based on expecting shipping timeframe plus time for getting some initial impressions. Your message content can be short and encourage customers to share their impressions. The product links can be modified to take customers directly to the review form on your website.

Lapsed Purchaser

For any shop that sells products with a clear lifetime, the Lapsed Purchaser is a great way to connect directly with a customer before they churn. Think of your Lapsed Purchaser as a last chance to hold onto a current customer before having to replace them with more advertising and growth.


Tag-triggered automations allow customizing automated message sends by applying tags to customer records. Tag-triggered automations can be used for manual tagging or cooperatively with any auto-tagging application. Some common use cases are for VIP, Friends and Family, wholesale, or sending product care/setup tips to customers who purchase a specific product.

Tag-Triggered automations watch for your subscribers to have one specific tag applied before sending the message or starting the delay period. This means that when using a Tag-Triggered automation, the Automation must be active  before the tag is applied for the customer to be considered. There is no limit on active tag-triggered automations at one time but customers will only receive each unique automation one time.

Learn more about Tag-Triggered automations here.

Kit Skills

Seguno integrates with Shopify's virtual assistant, Kit, for proactive reminders that leverage your Newsletter Templates and the work you've already completed in your Shopify admin.

Currently, the Kit integration supports using your Shopify Online Store Blog and reminding you to turn a recently published blog post into a Newsletter for all subscribers.

Learn more about the Blog Post automation here.


Note: Kit automations require the use of the Kit app.

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