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Now that you have your email program set up, let’s take a look at your results! We’ll guide you through finding your key performance indicators for your Newsletters, Automations, and how to see your Subscriber Profiles with Seguno.

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About Email Metrics

Email is generally considered to have one of the highest ROIs for any digital marketing channel but great results are earned through list health and following generally accepted best practices. There are several metrics to track the effectiveness and health of your email program.

For a general overview, here is a short breakdown of what each metric means:

  • Open Rate - The percentage of delivered emails that were opened by your subscribers.
  • Click Rate - The percentage of delivered emails that subscribers opened and actually clicked on any link inside of the email. This does include clicks on the unsubscribe link.
  • Sales - The total revenue of sales generated by the email and the number of orders placed. When a subscriber clicks through a Seguno email and places an order within 5 days of receiving the email, it will be recorded as a sale attributed to email marketing. 
  • Delivery Rate - The percentage of sent emails accepted by the inbox providers and not returned as a hard or soft bounce. It does not guarantee inbox placement.
  • Unsubscribe Rate - The percentage of subscribers that chose to no longer receive emails from you as determined by their clicking of the unsubscribe button at the bottom, the optional unsubscribe link at the top, or some inbox providers provide a link to unsubscribe outside (the option to unsubscribe is mandatory) in your email footer. An unsubscribe rate of about 1% is nothing to be concerned about. Our Spam Protect system will unsubscribe bots and fake emails, but we encourage you to clean your list of inactive subscribers as they will hurt your deliverability and open rates.
  • Complaint Rate - Also known as a "Spam Complaint", this stat refers to the number of times your email has been flagged as spam. An acceptable rate is 0.1% or lower, that’s 1 for every 1,000 emails sent.
  • Bounce Rate - A "bounce" occurs when emails cannot be delivered to email addresses and the percentage of emails in a mailing list that did not receive the email campaign is the "bounce rate." Try to keep your bounce rate at 5% or less to not hurt your deliverability.

Please note that high complaint and bounce rates are not good and can lead to the suspension of your Seguno account. It is our job to uphold the ethics of good email marketing practices.

Celebrate your lifetime revenue generated by Seguno by viewing these statistics at the top of your Seguno dashboard:

Newsletter reports

Newsletters are a great tool to generate spikes of interest and traffic to your site. There are two main ways to consider the effectiveness of your newsletter - with Seguno email metrics, and as part of your Shopify Marketing events.

To review the Seguno email metrics, navigate to the newsletter tab and find the newsletter you wish to review. From the newsletter page, you'll see the Email Metrics above the preview.

To review the marketing events, select the View Report button on the Newsletter page.

You can also view your newsletter events in the Marketing tab of your Shopify admin. Newsletters are listed under "Activities created outside Shopify Marketing".

Automation reports

Since automations are emails sent individually when the trigger event occurs results and send volume will likely be very different from your Newsletter sends. Automations generally send much lower volume but have much higher engagement rates for both email metrics and Shopify Marketing events. Automations do not need to be constantly monitored due to their lower event stream but should be checked periodically to evaluate if your trigger settings and email content are effective.

To review the Seguno email metrics for your automation, navigate to your Automations tab and select the automation from the list. Email metrics are available at the overall Automation level and when viewing the individual messages. To review the marketing events, select the View Report button on the Automation overview page.


If your automation has multiple emails as a series, each message will have its own email metrics summary available. Conversion metrics tracked by Shopify will be aggregated for the series.

You can also view your newsletter events in the Marketing tab of your Shopify Back Office. Seguno's standard Automations will not be in the Marketing-Automation tab, but listed under Activities created outside Shopify Marketing


Due to the nature of these events and the timing, it may be difficult to find these in your event stream. Using the Seguno View report button is recommended.

Subscribers report

List growth is an important component of your overall email program growth. Use the Subscribers report to visualize your list trends and net growth easily.

Access the Subscriber report from your Seguno Email dashboard.

There are 3 main components to your subscriber report:

  • Subscriber growth is shown with new subscribers summarized in green and new unsubscribes in red
  • Subscriber count shows overall list size trend
  • Recent subscribers will list your ten most recent subscribers and links to each subscriber's profile


Not loving the way your list is trending? Be sure to check out our List Growth course and use Seguno: Popups to convert more shoppers into subscribers on your site.

Subscriber Profile

If you need to see how a specific subscriber has been engaged with your Seguno emails, you can view their overall Seguno activity in their Subscriber Profile. The subscriber profile will show the customer's subscription details, active discount codes sent through Seguno emails, email metric summary and a detailed timeline of email engagement. The subscriber profile will be available for all of your Shopify Customers, regardless of their current subscription status.


Viewing the subscriber profile is a great place to start troubleshooting if a customer has any questions about why they received an email or has lost an email that contained a discount code.

The subscriber profile can be accessed from the Shopify Customer overview or while reviewing an email's metrics in Seguno.

From your admin Customers table, select the customer from the search or table. While on the customer profile page, select the More action's menu and choose View subscriber profile. If the customer has not yet subscribed or has previously unsubscribed, they will still have an available subscriber profile.

From your Newsletter overview, select one of the email engagement metrics to see a list of the subscribers associated with each activity.


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