Does Seguno install any code on my site?

Nope! 😊 Our integration is built on watching for changes in your Shopify data so we don't need to install any pesky code that can cause adverse interactions with your storefront. This also means that if you're having an issue, uninstalling and reinstalling the Seguno app won't solve it. Reach out to our Support team if you're having an issue with Seguno and reach out to Shopify or your theme developer if you're having an issue with your storefront or checkout.

This approach to our integration also means that in the sad event you decide to leave Seguno, there's nothing to modify or export. All of your data lives in Shopify and there are no breadcrumbs to remove from your theme.

If you're using Seguno's Dynamic Banner Suite app, the script tag used to load the banner is automatically removed when the Banner app is uninstalled.

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