Creating Newsletters

Newsletters are the main way you keep in touch with your subscribers. These broadcast messages are great for creating spikes of interest by making announcements, featuring a product or collection, or just reminding people how awesome your shop is!

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Create a Newsletter

Start by selecting the Create newsletter button from the Dashboard or Newsletters tab in Seguno.

From this page, you'll need to fill out the Newsletter details.

  • The Title is an internal-only name of the message that will guide you for reporting, remails and duplication. We recommend listing the campaign or type of message and using a date tag to make it easier to find previous Newsletters quickly.
  • Next are the Subject line and Preview text, used to entice subscribers into opening the email. You can learn more about effective Subject lines and Preview text here.
  • For your Template, you can choose to start with only your shared theme elements or select a prebuilt layout which contains best-practice sections to make your life easier and speed up the design process. Templates are completely customizable with the exception of the primary section.
  • Assign a Discount for the Newsletter. You can share the discount code directly, or allow Seguno to create unique codes for each recipient that correspond to that discount and use the same settings.

After selecting the Create Newsletter button, you can preview the message content, schedule your send and customize the Newsletter. You'll also revisit this page after sending to see reporting metrics, duplicate, or remail the message to non-openers. Learn more about customizing your messages here.

Newsletter Templates

Whether you choose to create a newsletter from a template or not, Seguno will save some design settings and sections to make email creation easier and faster. We call this your shared theme. If you select a template, Seguno will also bring in pre-selected sections that can then be customized to your preference.

  • Featured Products - highlight one or multiple products from your active products and support them with an automatic selection of your other best selling products or another collection
  • Featured Collection - highlight a selection of eight products from one of your collections or Seguno's collection of your best sellers
  • Collection List - highlight one or multiple collections by featuring the collection's primary image and name
  • Blog Posts - highlight one of your recent blog posts and recapping some of your other recent posts and best selling products


Ready to get more advanced? Customize these templates to include other great sections in the Content tab of Seguno.

Checklist: Before scheduling your send

Before sending your Newsletter to subscribers, here's a quick checklist to run down.

  1. Send yourself a test email after customizing the message.
  2. Verify your sender details will be easily recognizable to your subscribers
  3. Make sure your subject line and preview text do not contain any typos or spammy content.
  4. Open the email on your desktop device and mobile device to be sure you're happy with the message layout and styling.
  5. Check all text sections for any grammar or spelling issues. Ask a coworker to double check or use an online proofreading tool.
  6. Click through each image and hyperlink to be confirm that everything is linked correctly.
  7. If your message has a Discount assigned, double check the settings and eligibility. Please note that the discount code included in the test message is not a functioning code.

After you've thoroughly tested your email, you can assign recipients from your Customer groups. Select Edit from Newsletter control panel.

As a default, Seguno will send your Newsletter to all eligible subscribers. If your newsletter is not intended for all subscribers, you can target only the relevant saved customer groups or use an exclusion.


If a subscriber is in more than one selected group, they will not be sent multiple copies of your Newsletter. If a subscriber is in both a targeted group and an exclusion group, they will not be sent the newsletter.

To send the newsletter immediately, simply click the Send now button. If you'd like to schedule this newsletter to send at a specific time, select Edit on the control panel.

You may cancel a scheduled send before it has started by selecting Pause. The Resume option will appear for if you would like to reschedule the send.


The scheduled date and time is based on your Shopify account's local time. 

Duplicating and Remailing

If you really enjoyed a Newsletter that you created, you can reuse that layout by using the duplicate option and then customizing the message. Simply select Duplicate from the newsletter preview page. Be sure to give your duplicate a clear title to avoid any confusion with the initial message for reporting. Duplicating is a great way to create a more detailed custom template.

If you've already sent a newsletter and would like to resend the same content to the targeted subscribers who did not open the initial delivery, you can resend to them using a remail. Navigate to the newsletter that has been sent and select the new option on Schedule to Remail non-openers.

When remailing, we recommend using different Subject lines and Preview text from your first send. Because the intended recipients have not opened the initial message, you may not need to modify the message content. You still need to follow your pre-send checklist to be sure that all content is still relevant and any applied discount codes are still active.


Remailing can be a very effective tool when used properly. Abusing and overusing remails is a surefire way to wear out your subscribers, increase your unsubscribes and get marked as spam. Learn more about Remailing tips and best practices.

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