Setting up your Account

Before sending any Newsletters or activating Automations, you should review your account settings for CAN-SPAM compliance, key integrations, and updating form language.

Intro to Settings (video)

Sender details

Seguno automatically fills out your account details when you install the app, but some may need to be updated. Open up Seguno and navigate to the Settings tab.

Your "From name" should be set to match your shop's name. Using a misleading or unrecognizable From name will likely result in spam complaints. If you'd like to take a more personal approach, you may choose to use something with a persona such as "Mikey from Goonies Shop", but be sure to clearly note the relation to the brand name.

If you're using as your authenticating domain, your brand name should be in the From email as the from domain will not match your brand. As a default, all email sent by Seguno is authenticated by with the recipient domains.

If you've set up your own custom domain for your shop, you can use that domain to authenticate your email as well. By authenticating your domain, you can begin building your own sender reputation and potentially improving your email placement. With this in place, you can update this to be the same as your Reply email.


Authenticating is a best practice for email and may be required by Seguno for your account. Learn more about authenticating your domain.

Many email marketers like to use "no-reply" addresses for their Reply emailThis is not recommended and can be very problematic for your email program overall. Use a monitored reply-to address as many recipients will respond with valid inquiries - such as a request to unsubscribe. While contacts who unsubscribe via the email button will be processed automatically, these direct responses need to be identified and handled quickly. It is important these are unsubscribed if you receive them - these contacts are likely to report you as SPAM if not removed in a timely manner.

Your Test email recipients should only contain email addresses for your team. These contacts will be responsible for helping you proofread your emails and ensure all links are properly directed. If you are the only person in your email marketing team, consider setting up email addresses for the main email providers such as Gmail, Microsoft and to have more testing insight.

Mailing Address & Company Contact Information

Your marketing emails are required by anti-spam laws to include a mailing address. If you do not have a physical location or address you'd like to share, a P.O. Box is acceptable.

If you offer a customer service phone number, include it here and we'll add an easy call option to your footer. This can be enabled when you edit your messages.

Time Format

The time format will mainly be used to show expiration dates for your subscribers. Use a familiar timezone format to avoid frustrated customers who missed an expiration date!


There are several preferred connections to make your transition to Seguno easier and enhance your emails.

If you're coming to Seguno after using MailChimp, you can connect to your list to sync your MailChimp subscriber statuses and select contact data to Shopify. Once the sync is completed, you do not need to keep your MailChimp account. Learn more about connecting your MailChimp list.


Modifying your list in MailChimp while connected will sync the changes to Shopify. Do not delete contacts from your MailChimp list unless you intend to clean them from Shopify as well.

If you're using Shopify's Product Reviews app, you can connect here to make your star ratings available for your emails. For all product review apps, Seguno can send an automated Review Request email to your subscribers after their order is fulfilled.


While Seguno may not have a first-party connection with other apps, many of these apps may work with Seguno if they integrate with your Shopify admin.

Learn more about how Seguno integrates with your Shopify admin.

Form Language & Unsubscribe Button

This section is only needed if your subscribers' primary language is not English.

Just like you can update form text with Shopify, you may translate your Seguno forms and system text to the language of your choice. Complete this action by going to the Content tab in Seguno and selecting the Edit language button.

Simply input the new text in the corresponding box. You can use the > to copy for easier updating. If you are updating any form with a {{ liquid tag }}, be sure to leave the tag value as is. Make sure to hit save! The tabs across the top indicate where the phrases are used by Seguno. If you do not use Shopify's Kit app or plan to add our Newsletter landing page to your site, you may skip these sections.


If you'd like to update the Unsubscribe button in your emails, please open a support ticket and include your requested translation.

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