Dimensions in AR Section

Take your products to your customer's own space with the power of augmented reality. With this highly engaging section, your subscribers can decide on the correct size without you having to worry about shipping and returns. Simply enter the dimensions and your shoppers will get a one-tap preview of your product in their space! Drag, drop, and rotate the 3D box into place and they'll never have to worry about where their measuring tape is hiding.

Clicking the link will allow them to visualize your product in their space, or trunk, to make sure it fits. This also builds buyer confidence and can help reduce support and returns.

You can even add multiple sizes for easy comparison. Here's a video of how it would look for your subscribers:

If a subscriber opens the link on a desktop browser, a QR code will be shown that can easily be scanned with their phone or tablet to open it on a supported mobile device.


  • Requires iPhone or iPad with iOS 12+ or an Android device with ARCore 1.9+ support.
  • The size.link service does not require an app download - it works right in the browser.
  • The 3D box is accurate within 1 to 2 cm of the designated size.

The underlying technology here, size.link, is a wonderful service created by Shopify. It has lots of great use cases outside of email too so take advantage of it. You can put these links on your product pages, you can send them to customers in support chats. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

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