Flipbook section

Showcasing your products or customized content in the form of a flipbook or slideshow can be an exciting way to grab your subscribers' attention. You could flip between completely different images or use it to show motion within a scene, just like those fun flipbooks we all made as kids. Simply upload a few images and we'll turn them into a looping GIF that plays when your customer opens your email. You can think of this section as a way to share a unique story about your brand with your customers.


  • This section will not display in some versions of Microsoft Outlook as not all versions support GIFs. In those instances, only the very first image in your flipbook will display so you'll want to make sure any extremely important content is displayed in the first image of the sequence.
  • If the images are not all the same size, we will crop and center certain images accordingly.
  • This feature is only available to paid Seguno users but free users can gain access to this feature immediately if they upgrade early and start a free trial.
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