Reviews section anchor (HTML id)

This setting offers you the ability to redirect a customer straight to the section of the product page where they leave a review when the customer clicks on the "Write a review" button in your email. You'll want to make sure the value you place under "reviews section anchor (HTML id)" corresponds to the product reviews app you're using. If you use the Shopify Product Reviews app, you shouldn't need to change the value here. The following are the default values for the most popular review apps on the app store but you'll want to verify this is accurate for your store as things may have changed.

  • Shopify Product Reviews: shopify-product-reviews
  • judgeme_product_reviews
  • stamped-main-widget
  • Loox: looxReviews
  • Trustoo: seal-review-widget 

If you are using a different product review app or find the above value does not work, please reach out to our support team and we will help find a custom solution for you.

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