Changing themes

What is my Shared theme?

By default, all emails share the same theme to make email creation easier and help with consistent styling, just like when you built your Shopify site. Your Seguno theme consists of the header, footer, and all theme settings (such as font, colors, and button styles) found within the email editor.

Using the shared theme means you only have to make a change to those settings once, such as updating your logo, and it will automatically be updated for all content using the shared theme. This may include your templates, automations, and any drafted newsletters. Emails that have already been sent will not be updated.


Using the Shared theme can be a big timesaver if you want your emails to have consistent branding and styling.

Changing your theme to Not shared

For some emails, you may want to change some of those shared design elements without impacting the rest of your templates, automations and drafted newsletters. To accomplish that, you can change the theme to be Not shared for a particular email. Open the Actions menu in the bottom-left corner of the editor and select the option to Change theme.

Toggle between Shared and Not shared as desired. Saving your selection will only be available if you are changing from the previous theme setting.

When not shared, any changes to the header, footer, and theme settings will be isolated to that particular email without modifying any of your other emails. This can be modified in any template, newsletter or automation.


If you change a template to not use the shared theme, then any newsletters created from that template will be set to Not shared automatically.


When going from Not Shared back to Shared, any changes made to the header, footer, or theme settings will be completely lost as the shared settings will replace them. This action cannot be undone.

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