How can I exclude customers from automations?

You may want to exclude certain customers from receiving your automated emails. A perfect example is if you have wholesale customers, you may want to exclude them from receiving your automated emails that are more targeted toward your average consumer. Perhaps you're giving a discount to first-time purchasers to help incentivize a repeat purchase, as shown below, but you don't give discounts to your wholesale customers so let's exclude them.

For all automations, with the exception of Kit Skills, there is an Exclusions section in the Settings area of the automation detail page.

Click the Edit link in the Exclusions section to bring up the dialog to select customer tags.

Click in or type inside of the search box to find the customer tags you're interested in excluding. You may select as many as you'd like. Click the checkbox next to the tag(s) you'd like to select. You will then see all selected tags appear below the search box. If you need to remove a selected one, click the X next to it.

Once happy with your selection(s), click the Save button and you will then see your choice reflected in the Exclusions section.

You can always click the Edit link to make changes to your selection but you're done! Now, any time a subscriber is set to receive an automation's email, they will be skipped and not receive the email if they have one of the selected exclusion tags on their customer profile within Shopify.

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