Countdown section

The countdown is a premium section* and can be used to really drive home that sense of urgency to your customers. Limited time offers are a great way to earn instant conversions and the countdown section will allow you to take full advantage of your discount or sale. The countdown is a live feature, meaning it will update in real-time as your customers open the email. Click the Customize button in the top-right corner of your newsletter or automation detail page to open the editor, click Add section in the left-hand column, and then add the section as seen here:

After you add the section, you have two options for selecting an end date. If you are offering customers a discount that has an end date set, you can choose to have the countdown automatically end when the discount expires. If you're not sure how to add a discount to your email, learn more here: configuring a discount. You can also select a specific end date, for example if you're releasing a new product and you want to keep customers on the edge of their seats as you countdown to the release date.

You may also edit the labels to translate them into a different language. First, save the email you are working on and then click Edit Language under the Actions menu in the bottom-left corner of the editor. Click on the Editor Sections tab, simply type the translations into the boxes directly adjacent to the English word, and then click Save. For the Text Version, be sure to keep the {{ date }} variable as part of your translation and it will be replaced with the appropriate date automatically. After saving, using your browser's back button should get you quickly back in to the editor.

  1. The Countdown is a premium section, which means it is only available to paid users. If your subscriber count is still below the free threshold, you can upgrade early and start a free trial to get immediate access to all paid features.
  2. The Countdown timer functions as an animated GIF within the email, which updates in real-time based on when the customer opens the email. It will count down for 30 seconds and then loop but will refresh and update each time the customer opens the email or refreshes the page.
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