Customer-tagged automations

Customer-tagged automations allow you to design an email that will be sent whenever a certain tag is added to a subscriber's customer profile in Shopify. This automation works when a tag is added at the time of subscription or if the tag is added to an already subscribed contact. This allows you to create a unique series to use instead of your standard Welcome automation, or a nurturing series for any unique customer type.

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Ideas for tag triggers

  • Add a tag as part of your Seguno Popups, and then send a more specific welcome series for nurturing leads. Learn more about Seguno Popups and adding tags through your popups.
  • If you have wholesale customers, send a tailored welcome email when they sign up instead of the automated welcome email meant for your average consumers.
  • If you run pop-up shops around town, collect subscribers there, and have a special 'thanks for visiting me' email sent to them and help drive them to your online shop.
  • Build a VIP program, and email those special subscribers as they cross your threshold to become a VIP.
  • The possibilities are endless and only limited by how you choose to apply the customer tag!

How to create a Customer-tagged email

You can create a customer-tagged automation from within the Seguno Automations section or through your Shopify Marketing automations section.

Start by naming the automation and configuring the trigger settings, including the specific tag (must be an exact match for the tag added to the subscriber's customer profile), the initial delay, discounts, and if you'd like to skip your standard Seguno Welcome automation if the tag is added at the same time the customer subscribers initially.

Note: The customer-tagged automation will only trigger once per subscriber, and the customer must be subscribed when the tag is added for the automation to send.

Once the content is saved, you can customize the email by selecting Actions > Customize. 

Learn more about customizing and activating your automations.

How to add a tag to customers

  • Manually from a customer's profile page in the Shopify Admin
  • CSV import of customers with a Tags column in the Shopify Admin
  • Bulk actions from the list of customers in the Shopify Admin
  • With our signup form (by adding a tag parameter to your form URL) or Popups app.
  • Via the API or an app that can auto-tag customers based on certain rules.
  • By using Shopify Flow (Shopify Plus merchants only) or Shopify automations.

Contact support if you'd like more guidance on adding tags to customers.


  • Do they have to be a subscriber? Yes, the customer must be a subscriber in order to receive the email. Adding the specified tag to the customer profile of someone that does not accept email marketing from you will not trigger the automation. 
  • Can I remove the tag from the customer? If you remove the tag before the subscriber completes the automation or series, they will not receive any additional emails.
  • Can I utilize this feature as a free Seguno user? No, this is one of our great paid features but free users can upgrade early to start a free trial and gain access to this feature immediately.
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