Create an email newsletter activity as part of a Shopify Marketing campaign

It is possible to create a marketing campaign within Shopify in order to group together marketing activities together, usually under a theme like a holiday. See this article for more information on how these work with Shopify. When adding an activity, choose the Email Newsletter activity by Seguno:

From there, you'll see the option to create an email that will send out with your campaign. You'll want to start by naming it something only you'll see to make reference to what this is. 

After naming it, you'll want to schedule it for a specific time and date, and choose a subject and preview text. 

Next, you can choose a discount if you want to add one. This is usually a good idea around a holiday especially to entice people to buy. 

Lastly, you'll fill out the content itself for the email. The general layout is hero image, then heading, then text, then button, then products. Any content that's left blank will be hidden so you can choose which pieces to include.

At the bottom here, you can choose how to display the products, as either all featured products or in a smaller list like is seen here. 

Whenever you're done, you'll see the option to publish in the upper right or you can choose finish later if you need to revisit it. 

Note that after publishing, you'll see this box at the top when you go back in to edit the activity:

If you need to change anything in terms of the content itself, you'll want to use this customize button here to edit it. This will drop you right into the Seguno editor. You can also get to the newsletter to customize it as you normally would within the Newsletters listing in Seguno.

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