Using templates

What are templates used for?

Templates are basic layouts for emails. They allow for you to create a general outline for a type of newsletter that you wish to send and combine all of the common elements onto a template that you can use for every email. Under Content, you can choose four types of templates to customize: Featured products, Featured collection, Collection list, Blog posts. With these templates, you will be able to create a newsletter, yet with the same design and content structure each time.

Below is a table describing each template available:

Type of Template
Featured products Highlighting specific products.
Featured collections
Highlighting specific products from several collections.
Collection list Highlighting one or more collections.
Blog posts Featuring the most recent blog post(s) from a store.

From within each template, you can determine what types of sections you would typically want to keep in every email of a certain type (i.e. a blog content holder is required in a blog posts template). A few things you can add to a template to better suit your brand's needs could be any graphic details that could help your customers recognize your store.

For example, pictured below in the "Featured products" template, a layout for the specific products to feature are outlined. You can rearrange the sections of a newsletter to your liking. Additionally, you can set colors, typography, social media, etc. in Theme Settings.

Conditional Content

If you choose to include discounts in your newsletter, it would be best to see how a discount announcement will look in a newsletter. In this case, by going to the Conditional content dropdown in the upper left-hand corner of the email preview and clicking the "Show discount" checkbox, you will be able to see what your newsletter will look like based on the structure of your template.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your template, you will be ready to create a newsletter to use it. Note that even after customizing and saving, you can still alter the template.

Now, when you go to create an email, under Templates, click on the template you wish to use.  Afterwards, you will be given the option to choose the specifics of your template. 

You will then be taken to the newsletter detail page where your template should show, yet this time, all of the product/blog information should be displayed.Additionally, there is an option called, None, where you choose to create an email from scratch without a template, in terms of design and layout. Only the header and footer of a newsletter will be included.

As for your emails, first click the Customize button in the top-right corner of the newsletter or automation detail page in order to get into the editor. You can modify any content within the editor and then you can translate any specific text that we inject automatically for you by clicking Edit Language under the Actions menu from the bottom-left corner of the editor.

Custom Templates

There isn't a way to bring templates from other platforms or create your own custom template. However, if you have an existing newsletter and would like to use the general outline of it, you can click the Duplicate button at the top right-hand corner of the page to make a copy of the newsletter.

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