How to add an attachment to an email

While it isn't possible to add an actual attachment to an email like you'd typically see, you can add a link to any materials you'd like the user to be able to download. This can be helpful when you want the user to get a download of some sort, maybe a PDF or free item at sign up. Here are the steps for doing that:

Part 1 - Upload the item to Shopify:

1. Go to content > files in the Shopify Admin and click upload files.

2. Choose the file you wish to upload. 

3. Once uploaded, copy the link by clicking the link icon in the files table. 

4. Test this link in your browser. You may also want to take a screenshot of what this looks like or make some sort of graphic at this time if you plan to go with the image route in part 2, step 2. 

Learn more about file format requirements in Shopify

Part 2 - Put the item in an email:

1. Go to apps > Seguno: Email marketing > open up a newsletter or automation you wish to insert this into > go to customize in the upper right corner. 

2. Click add a section on the left. Here you can either add an image or a button, whatever you prefer a user click on to get the download. 

  • Image:

    For the image, your best bet will be to take a screenshot of the item or use some sort of thumbnail! Make sure you have this ready to go. 
    Choose the image section (you could also use an image with text section, I've used an image with text section below). Select the image.
    Put the link to the file in the link area.  
    You might consider adding a rich text section above or below the download to explain more about it if needed.
    Save your changes.


  • Button:

    For the button, all you'll need is the link. 
    Choose the button section. Add a label, maybe something along the lines of "Download your file here." Then paste the link in.  
    Save your changes.  

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