Videos in Emails

Currently, you won't find a video section in Seguno, but there is a work around for getting a video in your newsletters and automations if needed! You can add a link to the video from a photo or button. We recommend creating a page instead of just routing to a video so that you can drive traffic back to your website. Below, you'll find the steps to do this:

1. Upload your video to an external site like youtube or vimeo

2. Grab the embed code from this external site. Here is a tutorial on where to find that for youtube and vimeo

3. Go to Shopify and insert this video code into a page by going to online store > pages > add page > video button. 

4. Once you've pasted in the code, save the page. Click view page at the top. Grab this link. 

5. Now go to apps > Seguno: Email Marketing > and open up the newsletter or automation you want to insert the video into. Go to the customize view here. 

6. Click add a section on the left. Here you can either add an image or a button, whatever you prefer a user click on to get to the video. 

  • Image:

    For the image, your best bet will be to take a screenshot of the video thumbnail and use that! Make sure you have this ready to go.
    Choose the image section (you could also use an image with text section). Select the image of the video thumbnail.
    Put the link to the video in the link area. 
    You might consider adding a rich text section above or below the video to explain more about it. 
    Save your changes.  

  • Button:

    For the button, all you'll need is the link.
    Choose the button section. Add a label, maybe something along the lines of "watch now." Then paste the link in. 
    Save your changes. 

7. You should be all set to continue with your newsletter/automation now. You can send it out whenever you are ready! 

See this video tutorial for further assistance. 

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