Automations - What are they and when will they send?

What are automations?

Automations are exactly what they sound like. They are emails that will go out automatically to your customers! The emails go out due to a triggered action. So for example, with the welcome email, this is triggered when a new user who has not been subscribed previously signs up for the first time. Currently, there are seven (7) types of automations available that you can customize: Coming Soon, Welcome, Discount Reminder, Abandoned Checkout, New Purchaser, Repeat Purchaser, and Lapsed Purchaser.

When will automations send?

Below is a table of what each automation is, when it will go out by default, and the options for when it can possibly go out. Note that these automations work just like newsletters and will only go out to those who are set to "accept email marketing" materials from you.

 NAME                       WHAT IT IS                                               WHEN SENT                                                  MORE SENDING OPTIONS 

Coming Soon
Welcomes pre-launch subscribers
Always sent immediately after subscribing N/A
Welcome Welcomes new subscribers Always sent immediately after subscribing N/A
Discount Reminder Reminds subscribers of expiring discounts Sent 2 days before discount expiration Can send every time a subscriber is eligible
Can send no more than once every 30 days
Abandoned Checkout Recover subscribers who abandon a purchase**
Sent 1 hr after leaving to new customers Can send 6, 10, or 24 hours after leaving
Discount can apply to all users or  new users
New Purchaser Thank subscribers after their first purchase Sent 14 days after first order Can send 1, 7, or 28 days after first order
Repeat Purchaser Thank them again after their second purchase Sent 14 days after second order Can send 1, 7, or 28 days after second order
Lapsed Purchaser Win back those who haven't purchased recently Sent 90 days after an order Can send 60 or 120 days after an order

More on the "Coming Soon" automation.

The "Coming Soon" automation email is very similar to the "Welcome" email automation, but it is only available when your store is in "password protection" mode like this:

The password page

While we do not recommend it, a discount offer can be added to the "Coming Soon" automation email, but we suggest that the discount code expires no sooner than three (3) days AFTER your store launches as the "Discount Reminder" automation email is only sent 2 days before the expiration date. You do not want a customer to receive a "Discount Reminder" while your store is not live or during a time period that they can potentially forget about the code.

The reason we do not recommend adding a discount offer to your "Coming Soon" automation email is because this type of email is best used as a welcoming/thankful message; something like this: “You’ll hear from us soon, follow us on other channels to make sure you don’t miss out and keep an eye on your inbox for an upcoming discount.” Then, you can send a newsletter once your shop is launched with the discount to all of your subscribers. You can set that discount to expire based on whatever cadence you want.

More on the "Discount Reminder" automation.

To reemphasize, the "Discount Reminder" automation email is only sent two (2) days before the discount's expiration date. Therefore, if a discount offer does NOT have an expiration date, customers will NOT receive an automatic "Discount Reminder" email. For example, discount codes created for "Welcome" automation emails should not expire so that new subscribers are not at risk of receiving an expired code. See our Seguno Help Doc on Configuring a discount for more details. If your discount code is a general one that everyone can use (i.e. SUMMERSALE), then you can schedule to send a general newsletter to all of your subscribers as a reminder.

Please note that when you send a test email or feedback request of any email automation or newsletter, only an example discount code will be reflected. We only generate the codes in Shopify when sending a real email. See here:

More on the "Abandoned Checkout" automation.

Customers who are NOT subscribed to your mailing list will NOT receive the "Abandoned Checkout" emails from the Seguno app. However, you can send them an abandoned checkout notification directly from their order in Shopify. Go to your Shopify Admin > Orders > Abandoned checkouts > click "Send a cart recovery email". See here:

Single Emails vs. Series of Emails

Our automations currently send a single email, but making them capable of a series of emails is definitely on our near-term roadmap. As one of the most requested features, we will certainly announce once we release that capability so please stay tuned. Thanks for your patience and continued interest.

If you have any follow up questions about automations, please feel free to reach out to us via email at