What is the Newsletter form?

The newsletter form allows people to sign up for your emails. Signups will be created as customers within Shopify that 'accept email marketing.' You can simply copy the URL and link to it from your shop or on social media and other channels. You can also make some customizations with URL parameters. One of the coolest use cases for doing so is to track where signups come from by setting different tags, which you can then use to create a customer group for sending a more targeted newsletter. For example, you could run ads targeted toward women and have the URL for that ad bring people to this form and set a 'womens' tag on those that subscribe. Or, perhaps you're running a giveaway and you want to set a 'giveaway' tag but also change the heading text to reflect the contest they're entering. Read on below for details on how to accomplish these ideas and more.

Customizing the form

By default, the form will attempt to match your site as much as possible by using the styles of your Shopify theme. The Subscribe button will match the primary colors that you have set on your emails within Seguno. Any of the text on the form can be modified by clicking the Edit language button under the Content area within Seguno. In the language editor, these modifications can be made under the Newsletter landing page tab.

While the layout cannot currently be modified, you can adjust a few additional settings using parameters on the end of the URL. For example, if your newsletter form URL is https://demo.seguno.com/apps/seguno/subscribe, you can modify the form to hide the last name field by appending the hide_last parameter like this: https://demo.seguno.com/apps/seguno/subscribe?hide_last=true. This will result in a form that looks like this:

The following table describes the parameters that can be added:

Parameter Description Possible value(s)
hide_names Hides the first and last name fields. true
hide_last Hides the last name field. true
hide_headings Hides the heading and subheading. true
tags Specifies what tags the subscriber will have on the Shopify customer record. The tag newsletter is always added. Comma-separated list of tags
heading Overrides the text used for the heading. Text
subheading Overrides the text used for the subheading. Text
first_name Sets the first name text field to have this value when the form is loaded. Text
last_name Sets the last name text field to have this value when the form is loaded. Text
Sets the email text field to have this value when the form is loaded. Email address
layout Specifies which layout the form is loaded with. By default, the form will load within your Shopify theme's main layout. none, the name of a layout defined in your theme

Note: Any of the parameters that have Text or Email address for their values may need to be URL encoded. Most browsers will do this for you when you type it in to your URL bar.

The parameters can be combined in any way that's necessary. For example, if you wanted the form to hide the names, include the tags "new-subscribers" and "vips", the newsletter form URL that was originally https://demo.seguno.com/apps/seguno/subscribe would become https://demo.seguno.com/apps/seguno/subscribe?hide_names=true&tags=new-subscribers,vips. To add the parameters, add a question mark (?) at the end of the url and then each parameter is the name, followed by an equals sign (=), followed by the value for that parameter. Between each parameter name/value pair you need to separate them with an ampersand (&).

For any additional questions about customizing the newsletter form, please reach out to Support.

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