Email Marketing Analytics and Reports

We wanted to make it easy for you to see the data of any specific newsletter or automation and have three areas where you can track your email marketing analytics.

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  • Tracking your email marketing
  • Tracking parameters for analytics

  • Tracking your email marketing

    1) The first spot shows the metrics for each email newsletter and automation by going to its corresponding detail page

    For a general overview, here is a short breakdown of what each metric means:

    • Delivery Rate - The percentage of sent emails accepted by the inbox providers and not returned as a hard or soft bounce, it does not guarantee inbox placement.
    • Open Rate - The percentage of delivered emails that were opened by your subscribers.
    • Click Rate - The percentage of delivered emails that subscribers opened and actually clicked on any link inside of the email. This does include clicks on the unsubscribe link.
    • Unsubscribe Rate - The percentage of subscribers that chose to no longer receive emails from you as determined by their clicking of the unsubscribe button at the bottom, the optional unsubscribe link at the top, or some inbox providers provide a link to unsubscribe outside (the option to unsubscribe is mandatory) in your email footer. An unsubscribe rate of about 1% is nothing to be concerned about. Our Spam Protect system will unsubscribe bots and fake emails, but we encourage you to clean your lists of inactive subscribers as they will hurt your deliverability and open rates.
    • Complaint Rate - Also known as a "Spam Complaint", this stat refers to the amount of times your email has been flagged as spam. An acceptable rate is 0.1% or lower, that’s 1 for every 1,000 emails sent.
    • Bounce Rate - A "bounce" occurs when emails cannot be delivered to email addresses and the percentage of emails in a mailing list that did not receive the email campaign is the "bounce rate." Try to keep your bounce rate at 5% or less to not hurt your deliverability.

    Please note that high complaint and bounce rates are not good and can lead to the suspension of your Seguno account. It is our job to uphold the ethics of good email marketing practices.

    2) If you click on any of the counts displayed above, they will take you to a table of those customers:
    CleanShot-2019-05-24-at-13-13-34-2x.png3) Each newsletter and automation also has its own detailed conversion report via Shopify's Analytics (there is no data in this specific report example) and you get to that by clicking on the View Report button that's on the detail page of every automation and sent newsletter:


    Tracking parameters for analytics

    Seguno automatically appends three tracking parameters (UTMs) to all links to allow you to track these events in Shopify analytics and in your third-party analytic platforms (such as Google Analytics.)

    • utm_campaign=Shopify's unique ID to track marketing event attribution
    • utm_source=seguno
    • utm_medium=email
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