Email Errors & Email Clipping

Seguno aims to create an efficient email marketing service platform for its merchants, which includes the email experience your subscribers receive from your email campaigns. In this article, we will discuss how certain email errors and clipping can occur when creating your email and newsletter campaigns.

In the Seguno app, as you are creating a newsletter or automation email, you might see an error message after a while that says "The content of this email is starting to get long":

This is the first warning that you are creating an email that is nearing the standard email read length. Eventually the message will turn into one that says, "This email is too long, remove unnecessary content." 

These two errors indicate that your email, as it states, are getting quite lengthy and Seguno provides these warnings to avoid your emails being "clipped" in Google Mail aka Gmail. Gmail is a very popular email host and they start to clip emails at 102KB. So what does clipping mean? It means that Gmail will hide the rest of the content of your email beyond 102KB behind a "view entire message" link.

This is NOT a very good email experience for your subscribers and the mandatory unsubscribe button is usually one of the first things to get clipped, which opens you up to higher spam complaints if people cannot figure out how to unsubscribe. Too many spam complaints will get your Seguno subscription suspended. This is another reason why we have the optional unsubscribe button/link at the top of your newsletter or automation email as well.

We warn you so that you can start planning on trimming extraneous sections. You will still be able to send an email if you see this message, but we do not recommend sending the email. Your Gmail viewers will rarely take the time to view the entire email so we recommend avoiding the clipping for a smoother email experience.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our Seguno Support Team.

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