Choosing Recipients: Segment and Target Customer Groups

Targeting specific customer groups is a wonderful strategy to utilize when sending out email newsletters. If you want to target customers that fall into a particular category or all have something in common, you will need to first segment them within your Shopify customer database. For example, you may want to separate out wholesale buyers with a 'wholesale' tag and create a customer group based on that tag to use for including/excluding them on your newsletters. There are also lots of other great information you can create customer groups based on, such as total number of orders or the last time a customer purchased.

The first step is deciding which customers you want to target. You can break them up using Shopify's suggested filters shown in the screenshot below. If you don't like any of these options, you can also tag specific customers with a keyword and then use the below filter "Tagged with" to pull up a group of customers you selected manually. This Shopify help article may explain this part in more depth: Creating a customer group.

* Please note: you do not need to add an "accepts marketing" filter for the group. We will make sure those that accept marketing are the only ones who will get your emails.

If you would like to tag specific customers, you can do so by searching for them in your customer database and then adding a tag in the bottom right hand of their customer profile. 

For this example, I have tagged 3 customers with "Demonstration" that I want to target for this newsletter. After you have decided how to filter your customers and/or tagged specific ones you want to target with the same newsletter, the next step is to save them as a customer group. To do this, you will want click on "Save search" after you have filtered your customers down to the group you wish to segment. 

Above, I chose to save this search as "Demo Customers." Whatever you name your Saved search here is what you'll enter into Seguno before you send your newsletter out to the customer group. After this, you'll want to open up Seguno and create your newsletter. When you are done customizing the newsletter you want to send to this select group, before clicking send, you will see a section on the right that says "Recipients." Click edit. For more information on how to send a newsletter, click here.

As you can see above, you will want to select to send to "Subscribers within specific groups of customers." After clicking that, enter in the word or phrase you used when you "Saved search" so that only the customers within that Saved search (or group) will receive the newsletter. You can also use this feature to exclude certain customer groups, by clicking on the last checkbox in the example above. You can select as many groups as you'd like for either, we will ensure the intended recipients only receive one email. After clicking save, you are now ready to send the email to your targeted list of customers!

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