Choosing the Recipients of a Newsletter

In order to segment your recipients in Seguno, you can create and save a customer group. When you go to send a newsletter, you can select which customer groups to include/exclude in that particular send. With Shopify, maintaining separate groups of people can sometimes be best done by having certain tags on the customers in Shopify and then using the "tagged with" filter for the customer groups. For example, you may want to separate out wholesale buyers with a 'wholesale' tag on their customer records and create a customer group based on that tag to use for including/excluding them on your newsletters. There are also lots of other great information you can create customer groups based on, such as total number of orders or the last time a customer purchased.

Please note, you do not need to add an "accepts marketing" filter for the group. We will make sure those that accept marketing are the only ones who will get your emails.

You can create a group of one or many people with the same tag by going to customers > the filter drop down > setting this to tagged with > entering the tag in the blank field > clicking add filter > and saving your search. From there, you'll want to go back to the Seguno app and select that group as your target for the email.