Making images work in your emails

There are several ways an image can be added to an email. Here we'll explore the 4 different methods that are available in Seguno and what customization options each one has with it. 


A standard image doesn't have too many customization options. It can be linked to another source, but that is about it. The size will be set to fit and should not crop in any view. It's pretty plain and simple!

Image with Text:

This section is like the one above where there just isn't a ton you have to worry with. The image and text are fairly set. You can move the image to the left or right of the text.

Image with Text Overlay:

This option gives you a good bit of versatility. You can use this option with or without text and it will allow you to change the section height in either way. If you do something large or above, that will usually work for most.


A gallery can be super helpful for getting more than one image on one row. Generally, the images will crop a bit here, so your best bet will be to make sure the subject of the photo is towards the middle of the frame. You could also add some white space around the images as a work around. When you switch between the computer view and mobile view here, you'll see that the images should remain the same though. If too much cropping occurs, you might consider using less images.

It is worth mentioning here is that you'll want to make sure you switch back and forth between the different views before sending your email out. There is a watch view (text only), mobile view, and desktop view you'll want to check out. The text and images will align differently here based on the width so it may look like a totally different email by the time you see it in a different view. We've tried to make it as easy as possible to find ways to make your emails look nice across the board. 

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