Automated blog post announcements via Kit

You just published a new blog post but did you remember to let your email subscribers know? No need to worry about that anymore. Kit, your virtual employee, can now remind you and automatically send a blog post announcement through Seguno.
Within 24 hours or so after publishing a new blog post, as long as you have not sent a newsletter using the Blog Posts template type since publishing your post, Kit will reach out to see if you want to send one. Here's an example conversation with Kit using Shopify Ping, the iOS app that provides a richer experience for talking with Kit:

Note: You can also interact with Kit through SMS text messaging and Facebook Messenger if you do not have an Apple device.

Also, another important factor to keep in mind is that the blog post automation only works when your Shopify store is officially launched and open. If your store is still on "Password Protection" mode, the newsletter you send out will only redirect your subscribers to your password protection page. However, anyone who has the password to your store would still be able to see the blog post once they enter the password.

SEGUNO TIP: If you are launching your store, give your email subscribers that signed up during your "coming soon" stage priority access to your store with the password and maybe a discount code to use on their first purchase.

  • What if I don't have Kit? There's no better time to try it! Visit the listing on the Shopify App Store to learn more and install the Kit app to get started.
  • What content is sent in the newsletter? The Recent Blog Posts template is used to create the newsletter, which you can customize by clicking on that template's name on the Content page. What you see there is what will be sent but with the blog post placeholders filled in with the most recent post(s). Remember to keep any other content more generic, similar to the template's default content.What will the newsletter title be? The newsletter will have a title of "Blog post announcement 2019-05-20 (via Kit)" where the date is set to the date it is sent.
  • What subject and preview text is used? The subject is "New on our blog" by default but you can change that by editing the language settings. There's a shortcut button entitled "Edit Languages" in the bottom-left corner of the Content page, shown in the screenshot above, to take you there and then click on the Kit Skills tab. The preview text will simply be the title of your blog post.

Sending a blog post announcement manually

If you're not using Kit and want to send a blog post announcement manually, it only takes a few quick steps. Go to the Newsletters page and click Create Newsletter. There, you can select to use the Blog Post template and choose which blog. After creating the newsletter, it will automatically pull in your latest blog post but you can click the Customize button in the top-right corner if you want to make further edits before sending. Then, go ahead and schedule the newsletter to be sent or click the Send Now button.

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