Why are my automations not sending?

My automation email did NOT send. What happened?

The most common reason why you may see that an automated email (i.e. Welcome or Abandoned Checkout emails) has not been sent is because the intended email recipient is not yet an email subscriber. When viewing an order or an abandoned checkout, you can click the customer's name to see their profile in your Shopify store. Look for "accepts email marketing" in the top-right card:

If the customer has NOT agreed to accept email marketing, then they will NOT receive an automation email nor a general newsletter until they do. NOTE: Seguno only sends emails to those who accept email marketing in Shopify. 

Subscriber List in Seguno

Seguno does not maintain a separate customer list and simply uses Shopify's customer list to determine who is eligible to receive emails. If the customer record in Shopify has the "accepts email marketing" checkbox checked, then Seguno can email that customer. If someone unsubscribes in Seguno, that checkbox will become unchecked.

You can find your list of subscribers by going to Apps > Seguno: Email Marketing > Subscribers.

You can also find your list by going directly to your Customers list in Shopify > select Email subscribers. The filter tag "customer accepts email marketing" will automatically be applied to the list:

For more details on customer lists and acquiring more subscribers, see our getting started guide on importing subscribers and list growth.

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