Privacy and GDPR Compliance

We take security, privacy, and permission marketing all very seriously at Seguno. Our servers are located in the US and we have not pursued any third-party certification regarding GDPR/CCPA yet, but that said, here are some related items to help you make an informed decision:

  • We will never sell, rent, loan, or invite external access to your contact lists or any other account data.
  • We are prepared to handle any data export or erasure requests from you or your customers, which are executed through the Shopify admin.
  • Your data is automatically erased 48 hours after uninstalling our app or closing your Shopify account.
  • We do not directly collect emails, all opt-ins flow into Shopify so they hold the record of consent.
  • We follow industry standards and best practices as it relates to security and data protection.
  • Our two vendors, Amazon Web Services and SparkPost are fully GDPR/CCPA compliant.
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